A simple small retail platform that lets you

Scan any item and order from any of your suppliers - even if your suppliers aren't registered. Oh, and you can scan their invoices.

see product performance

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Supplyve is amazing! It's unbelievably simple to use and maintain - no confusing tabs or unnecessary buttons. Their tech has made my job instantly easier.

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Royi Hoochyar

Owner, Mezzave Food Delicacy

  • Know which products are selling, and which ones aren't

  • Know where to place products in-store to maximize revenue

  • Know what products are popular in your area

  • Increase employee efficiency

  • See your inventory the way you want to

  • ​Track expiration dates

  • Know when to raise prices by tracking supplier costs

  • One click shelf restock

  • Join group orders to seriously cut costs

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Easy Inventory 

Easy Inventory

Supplier Wizardry

Supplier Wizardry

Analytics Magic

Analytics Magic

What you get with Supplyve:

What you need to succeed with other platforms:

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What you need to succeed with Supplyve:

A phone and a laptop

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Control your shelf space like a pro

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Simplified Inventory Management

Reduce employee workload and product spoilage. Manage everything remotely. 

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 Accessible Product Performance

Sell smarter by seeing what products are doing well in any location

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 Supplier Headaches Eliminated

Stop chasing down suppliers. Stock your shelves with ease.


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