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Connect to QuickBooks

Send supplier invoices to QuickBooks faster than ever. 

Lose the paper trail. With Supplyve's QuickBooks integration, you can be sure that every invoice you submit will also send to your QuickBooks account. 

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Lightning fast

The future of accounting is hassle-free

Track line-item costs

Get updates if your supplier has changed their prices. 

 Ingredient Costing and Inventory

Keep track of ingredient costs, amounts, recipes, and update pricing

Stop Updating Inventory by Hand

Upload supplier invoices to update your inventory totals automatically. 

How it works

Stop Sending Bills to Your Accountant

When you receive an invoice from your supplier, just upload or snap a photo of it and QuickBooks will be automatically updated with your key AP information. We update your invoice number, amount owed, date issued and more.

Trusted by brands across the US

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