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Store Owners Rejoice! Money Back From Suppliers with the Supplyve 2/10 Net 30 Calculator

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Just plug into the calculator the % the supplier offers and the amount you owe to see how much you can SAVE!

Grocery, convenience, liquor or other independent retailer? Use the 2/10 Net 30 calculator to discover your supplier discount amounts, and save thousands!

Learn more about 2/10 Net 30 and how you can save thousands of dollars a month with the Supplyve 2/10 Net 30 explainer below

Experience the Calculator!

What is 2/10 Net 30?

2/10 Net 30 or Two-Ten Net Thirty is the slang name for supplier provided discounts on inventory orders given to retailers that pay early. The name 2/10 net 30 actually represents one of the most common discounts, which even big suppliers such as UNFI use. (If you are wondering who UNFI is or why to order from them, learn more here! If you happen to be looking for good wholesale suppliers check out our post about our top 7 choices)

The '2' represents the discount percentage of the order, so it's a 2% discount. The '10' represents the amount of days the retailer has to pay in. In order to receive the 2% discount, you must pay the supplier in 10 days. "Net 30" represents the amount of days the retailer needs to pay in general, even without the discount. All this being said, a discount could just as easily be 5/15 Net 45.

Ultimately, 2/10 Net 30 is a clever way to incentivize retailers to pay quickly, in which all parties win. The big problem is that store owners are generally very overwhelmed and track their invoices by hand. This naturally means that store owners are not fully taking advantage of the discounts their suppliers offer. The good news is that using the Supplyve Ordering mobile app, you can receive and upload invoices, review them, and soon you will be able to automatically set reminders to pay every invoice on time. Sign up here to start ordering 500% faster and saving thousands with Supplyve!

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