For Retailers

Put your suppliers in one place  

Scan a barcode and order from any of your suppliers - even if they aren't registered. Oh, and you can scan their invoices too. 

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How it works

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Upload invoices

Put any vendor's products into your system so you can track what they've been charging you over time 

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Scan an item

Quickly generate orders to your vendors, or explore new ideas from new vendors.

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See whats selling

We'll connect to your POS system so you never have to order blindly again.

Tracking your suppliers has never been easier

Digitize Invoices, Order from Anyone

Scan an invoice to quickly put any supplier in your system. Ta-da! Re-order in an instant. 

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Know when to raise your prices

It's hard to track price changes across all of your suppliers. We'll let you know when your costs go up

Connect your Point of Sale

We'll connect to your sales platform so you can make informed purchases

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Run your store like a pro