Save 80% on manual tasks you're doing anyway

Turn paper & PDF invoices into data you can track. Upload directly to your POS and cut out the manual labor.  

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a smiling grocery store clerk counting her inventory, with supplier cost changes appearing on the side
Point of Sale Integrations

Let's save you some time with your POS.

Works out of the box with most retail point of sale systems, like Computer Dimensions, Lightspeed, IT Retail, and more. Don't know if we can handle your back office needs? Schedule a time with us and we'll see if we can help you out.

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How it works

Upload. Download. Done.

Simple, easy to use interface. Upload your invoice, download the results, and export to your POS.

What customers say

Don't just take our word for it. It's way faster than what you're doing now, we promise.

4.8/5 (264)

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Within a few days, it's already 80% faster than what we used to do.

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Eli S.

Market Maven

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I used to pay someone to type into my LightSpeed terminal all of the inventory I received. Plus my employee would have to cross reference supplier invoices to see if our costs changed and I am sure we were missing some cost changes. Now my inventory and  pricing is on autopilot I'm saving money."

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A. Kramer

Midwest Deli

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Tracking supplier price changes through Supplyve has saved thousands of dollars and tons of time! Plus, their team is fun and easy to work with.

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Joey Fuss

Western Kosher

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I can't express how much Supplyve has simplified my work. Not only is the ordering process seamless and user-friendly, but what really stands out for me is how easy it is to enter information now. Supplyve has truly transformed the way I manage my orders and invoices. Highly recommended!

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Moshe Rabin

Gourmet Glatt

A restaurant storefront using Square point of sale with people waiting in line
"...what really stands out to me is how easy invoice data entry is now. Supplyve has really transformed the way I manage my POS. Highly recommended!

M. Rabin

Manager, Gourmet Glatt

Every line item, every invoice, zero labor

Stop wasting time looking at every invoice line item, or typing into your POS.
Supplyve's invoice table

Catch sneaky price changes

No more hunting down line-item changes. Sit back, we'll update you.
a graphic of price changes that supplyve tracks

Update inventory levels effortlessly

You shouldn't be using manual labor  to track incoming inventory.
A graphic showing inventory quantities being updated

Send it all to QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks for AP? We'll get the there. No more paper stacks.
a graphic showing that supplyve sends in new vendor invoices directly to QuickBooks

How it Works.

From Ingredients to Gross Margins: Total Visibility

Turn invoices into insights, in seconds.

We handle the paperwork, so you can focus on your store. Rather than spending time tracking costs from invoices, tweaking information in your Point of Sale, and uploading bills to your accounting software, Supplyve streamlines everything. Simply snap a photo and watch the magic unfold.

A small business owner scanning invoices with his iphone


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our restaurant management system.

What Point of Sales do you work with?

IT Retail, Computer Dimensions, POS with Logic, Square, Shopify and more! If you're curious whether we can work with your specific POS, contact us!

Will I be charged extra for each invoice?

Our pricing is all inclusive, and ensures you can scan as many invoices as you want within your plan. If you'd like faster processing for a small extra fee per page, simply select "express processing" when you upload the invoice.  

Is there a set up or cancellation fee?

Nope! For now, our base package is all inclusive - everything from walking through how to upload to your Point of Sale, to scanning invoices - and doesn't require any kind of set up fee.

Cancellation is free at any time.

Do you connect to Quickbooks?

Yes, we offer connection to quickbooks as a paid ($20 a month) add-on feature.

What kind of support is available?

We offer comprehensive customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may have! We usually respond within just a few minutes.

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