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23 Things to See in 2023

The new year means that we can tell you our official list of 23 things we are excited for in 2023! Hold on to your coffee - this is going to be a wild ride through retail and beyond!

  1. To get some quality video game time during VC meetings… Does it have to be League of Legends though? We’re more of a Smash Brothers family.

  2. To find the NGA Show Golden Ticket - seriously though has anybody seen those prices - isn’t grocery supposed to be a low margin business - sheesh.

  3. Our co-op series - we are going to tell you the top 3 food co-ops in each of the 50 United States. We like co-ops!

  4. More Americans following the great tradition of becoming independent business operators! More independent retailers and small brand manufacturers is what the country needs!

  5. For prospective investors to pronounce our company’s name right - for those still wondering it is Supplyve like Supply come alive or Supp Live

  6. The supply chain crisis easing up - I think we might need to reevaluate lean (not having extra inventory on hand) as a strategy (hint hint - future article).

  7. Joey Rubinstein is finally going to grace the Rethink Retail Top 100 Influencers - every boy’s dream.

  8. For This Week in Innovation host Jeff Roster to finally get his own morning radio show. Tell us the weather Jeff!

  9. More in person retail events - who’s not excited for the Fancy Food Show 🎩- Seriously though we will be try to be there 😙

  10. This will be the year we finally grace the pages of Retail Dive with an op-ed! Fourth time's the charm, am I right?

  11. Whatever Elon Musk will do this year - honestly Disney should just redo Splash Mountain and just recreate the magic of the “will he or won’t he” buy Twitter saga 🎢

  12. Another chance to review our Christmas article - we are going to post it every single year from now on - hohoho 🎄

  13. For Taylor Swift to return to her classic country roots - I mean she used the F-word in her latest album - what is up with that?

  14. Our Year in Review article in May - only 5 months away - yes!

  15. To meet the newest Supplyve content intern (who will hopefully write better content than this 😬) - Supplyve actually is looking! Email

  16. For groceries to finally move to the next stage of prepared food and just hire personal chefs for their customers - yum!

  17. For the first ever Supplyve promotional video (coming soon!)

  18. For the official Supplyve launch announcement (also coming soon!)

  19. For more in person shopping 🤑 - how else are you going to meet your significant other?

  20. To see Kroger/Albertsons finally merge with Walmart! Competition is a thing of the past!

  21. For ultra fast grocery delivery to innovate and finally happen before you hit the order button - VCs take note this will be the next big trend!

  22. To finally get smart shopping carts that also do our laundry and tell us how that we deserve that extra chocolate bar 🛒

  23. To best service our customers and make sure that 2023 is the best year yet for independent retailers across the US!

Thank you for reading and unlike Blink-182 we are excited to see what 23 brings! ____ If you run a retail operation and want to save thousands on ordering from suppliers or processing invoices than feel free to sign up for our 100% free demo! Please like our Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page for more fantastic content!

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