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Handwritten Invoices... No Issue

Digitize hand written invoices!
Digitize hand written invoices!

Since day 1 Supplyve has been about helping local and small businesses.

After all small business is the embodiment of human initiative, freedom, independence and innovation.

One of our newest product offerings enables that.

Many independent retailers today work with small suppliers that provide products with handwritten invoices. This of course meant that digitizing the invoice and centralizing invoices was never really possible. Going fully paperless was never really possible for independent retailers.

That has just changed.

Supplyve has recently added the ability to snap photos of handwritten invoices, digitize them, and store them.

This new feature makes accounts payable easier than ever. Instead of having to keep track of a stack of paper invoices - Supplyve enables you to mark these invoice as paid, view them for later in case there are questions, and track how much needs to be paid.

We are very excited about this feature because it widens Supplyve's ability to help small businesses. Smaller suppliers become easier to to work with as a result, and everyone along the supply chain has a better accounts payable and receivable experience.

We love small business and see this as an enormous step forward to enabling their success and by extension a stronger more independent and freer world.


We help retailers that are struggling with paying supplier invoices on time, struggle with updating new inventory on time and struggle to track the constantly changing supplier product prices. In fact we saw that distributors are changing about 20% of their products over any given week.

If you have any of these challenges and want to make tracking supplier price changes as easy as snapping a photo, then please sign up for a demo and we will see if Supplyve is a fit for you!

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