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Less Time Ordering is Cash Saved

Using Supplyve Ordering save $1500+ on just time efficiency - read more below 🡳

Ordering with Supplyve is more than 500% faster than ordering by hand and it can save you real money.

The ordering process today is a mess of paper. From writing down product names and barcodes, to recording Microsoft Excel spreadsheets - all together ordering is a time and energy drain.

Plus, there is an employee shortage. So, every hour spent is worth paying attention to.

In fact, the average grocery store today spends at least 30 man hours a week ordering from suppliers.

Included in this 30 man hour figure is the process of figuring out what to order, building a purchase order sheet, and communicating with suppliers. Note, we did not include receiving orders.

The time spent actually has real monetary implications on the grocery’s bottom line. The average grocery worker earns about $15 per hour. Therefore, 30 hours of work is the equivalent of $450 spent. Over the course of a month that is $1800 spent to handle this process.

Using Supplyve you can speed up your ordering process by more than 500% or 6X. That means 30 hours can now be 5 hours. With only 5 hours, the store owner is only paying $300 for ordering.

The store owner is saving an astonishing $1500 per month on ordering efficiency.

Not to mention, that with those hours the owner can invest time into analytics, customer care and other revenue increasing activities.


With Supplyve Ordering's highest plan at $249, you are getting a more than 5X return - just on operational efficiency alone… what are you waiting for, register for Supplyve now!

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