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Top 7 Best Food Distributors of 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Chain stores, and independent retailers take note: these are Supplyve's choices for best US wholesale suppliers.


The grocery industry alone in the United States represents a market size of multiple hundred billions of dollars. Not surprisingly, the grocery industry contains many different kinds of players. Today we are focusing on suppliers, more specifically wholesale suppliers - also known as distributors.

We are going to show you our top 7 distributor picks of 2022.

We split the list into three parts: established distributors, one “up and coming” distributor, and one notable specialty distributor.

Established Distributors

KeHE was established in 1953 and quickly became one of the biggest natural foods distributors in the United States. KeHE serves the entire United States with 16 distribution centers across North America. One defining factor of KeHE operations is their commitment to good old fashioned charity.

Grocery Store

Read our blog post here to learn more about why to order from KeHE.

With 58 distribution centers in the US, United Natural Foods Incorporation (UNFI) has unmistakable logistical strength. Furthermore UNFI uses back office logistics technology to help make sure their deliveries are as quick as possible. UNFI also boasts a product catalog of over 250,000 products.

Read our blog post here to learn more about why to order from UNFI.

Better known as a leading restaurant wholesaler, since the early days of the Covid-19 era Sysco pivoted to also serve retailers. Sysco operates in over 90 countries. As many ultra big corporations, Sysco has had its fair share of controversies.

Similar to Sysco, US Foods is also a publicly traded mega corporation. Interestingly US Foods and Sysco tried to merge for a stated $8.2 Billion but was shot down in 2015 for anti trust reasons. Additionally, US Foods also shifted to retail right at the beginning of Covid-19. Right off the bat the mega distributor connected with big chains such as Kroger's, in addition to about another 20 retail distribution partners.

Founded in 1946 as a fruit stand, over the years Baldor has grown to be a well recognized name in wholesale and retail. Recently Baldor has gone through a restructuring ahead of significant anticipated growth.

Serving primarily the Mid-Atlantic and NorthEast US, Baldor gives back to its communities with the Baldor Cares Initiatives. A few examples of Baldor cares include helping underserved schools in the Bronx with cooking instructionals to encourage healthy eating and the POTS program to aid soup kitchens.

Up and Coming

Buffalo Market was founded in 2020 by Polish born, San Francisco native Adam Olejniczak. The company is backed by VCs Forerunner Ventures and Precursor Ventures, among others, to the tune of $21 million.

Buffalo Market specializes in helping emerging brands get a foot in the door with big chain retailers, such as Costco, and Walmart. The wholesaler is particularly focused on California and Nevada.

Specialty Choice

Founded in 1920, New York based Nassau Candy began a renaissance in 1984, when Lesley Stier bought the sweets distributor. Two years later Barry Rosenbaum joined him and the business took off. Today, Nassau Candy serves most of the US market, boasts a 20,000+ SKU catalog, and has five distribution centers strategically placed across America.


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