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Why to Order from KeHE

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Our top 6 reasons to order or distribute with KeHE

🚛 KeHE’s Background:

KeHE Portrait
Art Kehe - Founder of KeHE - Courtesy of

KeHE is one of the powerhouses of food distribution in the United States. Art Kehe established the distribution company in 1953 after his time as an independent retailer and his realization that there needed to be better food distribution to retailers big and small. Today KeHE is collectively owned by its employees and is committed to not just serving customers well but also leaving the world a brighter and better place. __ Below are 6 reasons to order from KeHE or distribute your product through them.

1. KeHE Elevate

Are you running an emerging brand and looking for your big break? KeHE is here to help. KeHE Elevate is a program designed for an “intimate” group of 200+ emerging brands. The massive wholesale distributor will push your product for you. If you are a retailer then this is an opportunity to meet the brands of tomorrow

2. KeHE’s Reach

As of 2018, KeHE was working with over 30,000 retailers. For retailers this means a company that is deeply familiar with your struggles and needs. For vendors this means enormous distribution potential.

3. KeHE’s Logistics

KeHE has 16 distribution centers across North America and over 5.3 million feet of warehousing space. In general distributors take care of logistics but KeHE has the infrastructure to ensure that both retailers and brands are satisfied with on time deliveries.

4. KeHE’s Shows

Are you a brand looking to connect to more retailers? Or are you a retailer looking to connect to the best brands? KeHE has you covered. KeHE sponsors multiple shows a year! The whole objective is to serve as a matchmaker and connect brands and retailers. In their most recent virtual Winter Show, some suppliers saw a 7 times return.

5. KeHE’s Charity

No matter where you stand politically, KeHE supports causes we can all get behind through its KeHE Cares Foundations. KeHE donates 10% of profits to KeHE Cares. The organization assists soup kitchens, homeless shelters and disaster relief. Undoubtedly, KeHE is helping the community.

6. KeHE Tech

KeHE is making it easier to order directly from KeHE, with KeHE Connect: a mobile app that displays their catalog and allows suppliers to build purchase orders and send them to KeHE.


KeHE is a top notch distributor and now you know why to order from KeHE or distribute through them! If you are interested in wholesale suppliers check out our post on why to order from UNFI or our top 7 best distributors.

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Unknown member
Sep 01, 2022

Does KeHE have a Canadian presence?

Supplyve Staff
Supplyve Staff
Sep 01, 2022
Replying to

Yes it does!

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