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Part 2: What is KeHE CONNECT Direct™?

Welcome back to our two-part series on KeHE CONNECT™, the groundbreaking platform that is transforming the way retailers and suppliers collaborate. In this second part, we will dive into the exciting world of KeHE CONNECT Direct™ and how it is revolutionizing inventory processes for retailers across the United States.

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What is KeHE Connect Direct?

So…What exactly is KeHE CONNECT Direct™?

KeHE CONNECT Direct™ is a newer KeHE service that was created to allow KeHE retailers of any size access to an expanded assortment of dry, refrigerated, and frozen products beyond their home distribution center. KeHE CONNECT Direct™ allows retailers across the US to bring trending innovation to their shelves using the same KeHE ordering platform retailers use every day.

Retailers can place KeHE CONNECT Direct™ orders using either the EDI system or the KeHE CONNECT Retailer™ platform. KeHE CONNECT Direct™ uses sustainable and recyclable insulation and packaging to ship refrigerated and frozen items so it’s fresh when it arrives. These orders will be delivered through UPS drop shipment to any location in the United States.

One of the key advantages is there are no minimum order requirements, and retailers can purchase products in case, cut case, or each quantities, enabling them to introduce trending innovations on their shelves across the country. Plus, they can continue using their familiar order devices, ensuring a seamless and familiar ordering experience.

Moreover, shipping is free for orders totaling $50 or more. The program ensures quick delivery times, with orders being shipped within 1-3 days in the contiguous United States. Products bought through KeHE CONNECT Direct™ are competitively priced, and a small additional fee is applied to cover shipping costs for orders below $50. For specific item pricing, refer to the KeHE CONNECT™ Retailer platform.

The KeHE CONNECT Direct™ program enables suppliers and retailers to do more than ever before! Suppliers and retailers can expand their business opportunities, access a wider variety of products, and improve their overall inventory management processes. It's a revolutionary solution that empowers retailers to offer diverse product selections and meet customer demands efficiently and effectively.

KeHE CONNECT vs. KeHE CONNECT Direct: What’s the difference?

KeHE CONNECT™ is the broader platform primarily made for distributors, to allow suppliers better access to retailers to more effectively meet customer demands and grow their businesses.

While KeHE CONNECT Direct™ is a program within that platform that was made to cater specifically to retailers' needs by providing an expanded product selection and quick delivery times.


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