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Where are UNFI Distribution Centers?

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, UNFI (United Natural Foods, Inc.) is a prominent distributor of natural, organic, and specialty foods, seamlessly connecting producers with retailers across North America. Let's delve into the strategic locations of UNFI's distribution centers, extending across both the United States and Canada.

UNFI distribution center locations Where are the UNFI Distribution Centers?
Where are the 58 UNFI distribution centers?


Want to check for a UNFI Distribution Center near you?

Using our interactive map, type in your location in the search bar to find the UNFI Distribution Center closest to you:


Here’s a full list of all the cities you can find UNFI distribution centers at, conveniently organized alphabetically by region:

East Coast: West Coast: Central Region:

Bloomington, Indiana Carson, California Aurora, Colorado

Bolingbrook, Illinois Gilroy, California Chicago, Illinois

Chesterfield, New Hampshire Lebec, California Cincinnati, Ohio

Edison, New Jersey Los Angeles, California Columbus, Ohio

Fort Wayne, Indiana Moreno Valley, California Greenwood, Indiana

Hartford, Connecticut Ontario, California Indianapolis, Indiana

Jessup, Maryland Rocklin, California Iowa City, Iowa

New Stanton, Pennsylvania San Diego, California Lincoln, Rhode Island

New York, New York San Francisco, California Minneapolis,

Northwood, Ohio Seattle, Washington Minnesota

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Spokane, Washington Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Vernon, California

Providence, Rhode Island

Ridgefield, Washington Canada:

Sarasota, Florida Calgary, Alberta

Hawkesbury, Ontario

Remote Regions: Laval, Quebec

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Montreal, Quebec

Montgomery, Alabama Richmond, British Columbia

Racine, Wisconsin Toronto, Ontario

Twin Falls, Idaho Vancouver, British Columbia

Please note that this list includes each unique location, and some regions may have multiple distribution centers.


UNFI's distribution centers form a vast and strategic network across North America, spanning the United States and Canada. From the West Coast to the East Coast, major metropolitan areas to remote regions, and even across the border, UNFI ensures that retailers and consumers have access to a wide range of high-quality natural and organic products. By strategically positioning their distribution centers, UNFI continues to reinforce its position as a leading distributor, meeting the diverse needs of individuals seeking healthier and more sustainable food options.


Interested in learning more about UNFI?

Check out our blog post on Why to Order from UNFI


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